Eco-Protein Dental Bars (Puppy)

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BuggyBix dental bars are an insect-based everyday dental range. Australian developed, we have blended the goodness of insect eco-protein with our dental formulation to promote oral health & hygiene. Delicious & sustainable, our range has been carefully designed to help remove plaque & tartar, maintain gum health & freshen your puppy's breath.

✔ Calcium enriched for strong teeth & bones
✔ Maintains oral hygiene
✔ Helps remove plaque & tartar
✔ Cleans teeth & maintains gum health
✔ Freshens breath
✔ Great tasting, easily digestible protein​
✔ Highly bioavailable insect protein
✔ Hypoallergenic protein​ source
✔ Grain-free, meat-free
✔ Sustainable & environmentally friendly ​
✔ Australian developed & owned​

Tapioca, Vegetable Glycerine, Black Soldier Fly, Sweet Potato, Black Soldier Fly Oil, Pineapple Fibre, Kale, Calcium Carbonate, Anise, Sodium Propionate, Mint, Zinc

• Protein: 7.0% (min.)
• Crude Fat: 1.0% (min.)
• Crude Fibre: 2.0% (max.)
• Moisture: 22.0% (max.)
• Energy (ME): 77 kcal/bar (293 kcal/100g)

Our world of science.

Our university developed, complete nutritional profile will keep your dog happy and healthy.

The insects in BuggyBix are easier for pets to digest when compared to other proteins.

BuggyBix has been carefully formulated incorporating only natural ingredients.

Insects can be grown sustainably resulting a reduced environmental footprint.

You Asked. We Answered.

One dental bar per day is recommended.
Our dental bars have been formulated to take into consideration the size & weight of your dog. As a general rule of thumb, the caloric intake from any supplemental food should not exceed 10% of the total daily food intake for your pet.

The active ingredients that promote dental health & hygiene include:

Calcium Carbonate: calcium is essential for the development& maintenance of strong teeth & bones in puppies. Calcium carbonate provides a source of calcium, which supports proper tooth formation & density. Including calcium carbonate in our puppy dental bars helps promote healthy teeth & gums & reduces the risk of dental issues such as plaque buildup & tooth decay.
Calcium carbonate is crucial for healthy bone development in growing puppies. Adequate calcium intake during puppyhood is essential for building strong, resilient bones that can support the puppy's growing body and provide a solid foundation for skeletal health throughout their life.
Calcium carbonate is a beneficial dietary supplement, ensuring that puppies receive sufficient calcium intake to meet their nutritional needs. Puppies have higher calcium requirements than adult dogs due to their rapid growth and development. Including calcium carbonate in BuggyBix dental bars helps ensure that puppies receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal health & vitality.
Calcium carbonate also helps neutralise excess stomach acid &regulate pH levels in the digestive tract, promoting digestive health in puppies. It can assist alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal upset such as acid reflux or indigestion, providing relief and comfort to young puppies.

Pineapple Fibre: a source of dietary fibre which assists to create hardness & texture. The chewing action required to consume dental bars helps to mechanically clean your dog's teeth & gums to promote dental health. Additionally, the fibrous texture of pineapple fibre helps remove food particles, plaque & tartar from the teeth, promoting oral hygiene & reducing the risk of dental issues such as gum disease & tooth decay.

Anise: contains compounds with antimicrobial properties, which help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. By reducing bacterial growth, anise contributes to improved oral hygiene & helps prevent dental issues such as plaque & tartar buildup.
Anise also has a natural aromatic flavour that can help freshen your dog's breath. By masking unpleasant odours in the mouth, anise can leave your dog's breath smelling fresher and more pleasant. Dogs often find the scent of anise calming and soothing. Our dental bars are intended to assist create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your pet, making dental care more pleasant & stress-free.

Mint: has a natural & refreshing scent that helps to freshen your dog's breath. Including mint in dental bars can help mask unpleasant odours in the mouth, leaving your dog's breath smelling fresher & more pleasant. Mint also contains compounds menthol & thymol, which have natural antimicrobial properties. These compounds help inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of dental issues such as plaque & tartar buildup.

Zinc: helps maintain healthy gums & oral tissues & reduce plaque and tartar formation on teeth. Essential for a healthy immune system in dogs, adequate zinc levels help your dog's body fight off infections & diseases, including those that may affect oral health.

There are a number of reasons why insects are a great addition to your pet's diet:

a) Hypoallergenic: edible insects have hypoallergenic qualities meaning your pet's antibodies do not react to the exogenous antigens (which would result in an allergic reaction). Black soldier fly protein sources are great alternatives for pets with allergies to beef, lamb or pork. They also contain a number of fatty acids which are beneficial for gastrointestinal health.

b) Bioavailability: Digestion and absorption of black soldier fly larvae can be higher than traditional protein sources. As an example, research has demonstrated copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and calcium sourced from edible insects is more readily available for absorption than the same nutrients in beef.

c) Nutritional profile: black soldier fly larvae have a complete nutrient profile which is beneficial for dogs. High in protein they contain all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper and magnesium.

d) Palatability: Dogs readily consume the black soldier fly. Our products have been formulated to ensure maximum palatability making them irresistible to dogs!

The black soldier fly larvae used in BuggyBix are sourced from Australian farmers. The products are subject to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), good manufacturing practices (GMP), stringent quality assurance processes and periodic lab testing. 

There are a number of compelling reasons to use insects as an alternative or complementary food source. Broadly speaking, insects are capable of providing a comparable (if not more beneficial) nutritional profile for pets at a lower financial and environmental cost. More specifically these benefits include:

a) Nutritional content: Independent nutritional analyses of black soldier fly larvae indicate they have a complete nutritional profile with balanced amino acid content, essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals.

b) No by-products: The whole insect can be consumed so there is minimal waste in the production process.

c) Low environmental impact and sustainable production: Insects have a favourable environmental footprint when compared to traditional farming. This includes water, land, energy consumption and feed. For instance, per kg of protein, black soldier fly larvae require ~4m2 of land (vs ~51m2 for poultry), produce significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases (~6kg of CO2 vs ~33kg for poultry) and require ~5m3 of water of which is sourced from their feed (vs ~34m3 for poultry).

d) Efficiency: Insects are very efficient in converting feed into protein and are not pestiferous. When compared to current livestock farming, they require significantly less resources to grow comparable yields. As an example, within 15 days 1g of black soldier fly eggs grows into ~2.4 kilograms of larvae protein.

e) Functional properties: the protein structure of the black soldier fly larvae is able to withstand high temperatures, significant pressure and torsional movements. This makes them very suitable for use in existing manufacturing techniques such as extrusion.

Great for pets, Great for the planet™

Designed to nourish dogs of all shapes & sizes, you can be sure that our range is both great for pets & great for the planet.