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Delicious dog treats with a difference!

A healthy, natural, 100% Australian product incorporating all of the goodness of insects and real food into one delicious and sustainable treat.

Trust us, your dog and the planet will thank you!

Buy Buggy Bix!

We wanted to make a product that was great for your pet and the planet. Insects turned out to be the answer.

Insects and pets… crazy right? We thought so too. That was until we started to learn about the fab nutritional and environmental benefits.

So began Buggy Bix.

What's so great about insects?

Nutritious & Natural

Edible insects are a great natural and healthy alternative to existing pet food. They are a good source of protein, healthy fats and minerals. 

Environmentally Friendly

Growing insects requires significantly less resources. They are very efficient in converting their feed into protein, take up minimal space and emit substantially fewer greenhouse gases.

Dogs Love Them!

Dogs everywhere are going cray cray for our insect treats. Even the fussy ones keep coming back for more!

Buggy Bix = Happy Customers

Thank you for creating such a great product! My usually very fussy dog will be very happy.


My dog Oscar goes crazy for these treats and I love that they’re more environmentally sustainable and better for him.


My fussy dog loved the black soldier fly ones!


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