Great for pets | Great for the planet

Bugs?! It’s a thing.

Insects and pets. Crazy right? We thought so too. That was until we started to learn about the fab nutritional and environmental benefits. So began Buggy Bix, a healthy, natural, 100% Australian product incorporating all of the goodness of insects and real food into one delicious and sustainable treat. Trust us, your dog and the planet will thank you!

Nutritious & Natural

Edible insects are a great natural and healthy alternative to existing pet food. They are a good source of protein, healthy fats and minerals.

Environmentally Friendly

Growing insects requires significantly less resources. They are very efficient in converting their feed into protein, take up minimal space and emit substantially fewer greenhouse gases.

Dogs Love Them!

Dogs everywhere are going cray cray for our insect treats. Even the fussy ones keep coming back for more!

Nutritious and delicious insect treats

Lab tested.
Puppy loved.

We are the first in the Australian market to develop dog treats from insect proteins, so we want to let you know that we’ve crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s.

Rest assured all our products have undergone complete nutritional and shelf life lab testing with DTS Laboratories and Massey University (NZ). And we’re also endorsed by the IPAA too. Not bad!

But all that counts for nothing if your little mate won’t eat it. Our first flavour ‘Pumpkin and Pea’ is guaranteed to have your dog coming back for more.

Nutritious and delicious insect treats

"My dog Oscar goes crazy for these treats and I love that they’re environmentally sustainable and better for him."

Nutritious and delicious insect treats

"10/10 for service and Indy loves them! Great innovation using bugs for nutritious treats."

Nutritious and delicious insect treats

"My three dogs just got to try their samples of #buggybix and they loved them, even the fussy one!"


Our story

Our vision is no mean feat:
To reimagine how we nourish our pets.

The idea behind Buggy Bix was developed sitting at the local cafe beside the dog park.

My wife and I were discussing different feeding trends for dogs, population and general food security. Having read about the edible insect industry we thought why not use insects as a protein source in pet food?

After exploring the Australian market, interestingly we were unable to find any insect based pet food products. As it turned out, the edible insect market was very new and no local pet products existed.

This was the lightbulb moment! Why not source locally grown insects and develop a pet food ourselves? So Buggy Bix was born.

Nutritious and delicious insect treats

About Us

Shaun Eislers, our owner and founder, is an avid animal lover and has owned pets his whole life. Professionally, he has a background working in corporate innovation and as a start up founder.

Having founded an online pet products and services marketplace, moving into the adjacent pet food market was a natural next step.

During the development of Buggy Bix he realised the important role insects will play in the future of food. Inspired, he joined as a board member of the Insect Protein Association of Australia (IPAA) in June 2018. His role is to develop the association’s value proposition and growth strategy.

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