BuggyBix Buddies 

The adorable pets on our packaging are rescue dogs & cats living in Australia. Despite experiencing a difficult start to life, they have now found themselves loving homes filled with cuddles & joy (as well as an abundance of treats!).    

Just like our BuggyBix models, we believe every pet deserves to find their forever home & would love to see more of their friends adopted.  

BuggyBix Buddies is our way of giving back by supporting rescue homes & their tireless efforts. We would love your participation in our program! Simply vote for which of the organisations below you would like to see come this year’s BuggyBix Buddy.  

Furry Friends Forever Rescue: https://www.furryfriendsforeverrescue.com

Guardian Angel Rescue: https://guardianangelrescue.com.au

Animal Aid: https://animalaid.org.au

Meet our Buddies...


Meet Dusty, the cheeky Cattle Dog with a huge smile! Rescued at six weeks old, Dusty has brought much joy (& a touch of mischief) to his new family. A curious pup, he delights in splashing rather than drinking from his water bowl. Growing bigger every day, Dusty loves exploring the world & chasing insects for play!  

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Meet Willow, the bouncy Australian Kelpie full of life! This loveable ball of energy was rescued from the RSPCA when she was seven months old. Frisbee is her fave toy & she always has one close to her paws. Never one to miss a beat, Willow will always remind you when it is time to play… or eat!  

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Meet Suzie, the gorgeous Greyhound with model charm! Suzie adopted her family when she visited for a play date & never left. A social girl she loves to sniff, lick & shake paws with everyone she meets. After a day on the town, you will find Suzie snoozing on the lounge, a true nana deep down! 

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Claude Monet 

Meet Claude Monet, the clumsiest Domestic Short Hair kitten ever sculpted! Rescued at eight weeks from the local vet, Claude is a masterpiece. Despite having a hole in her heart, Claude is a feisty, ice cream loving character who brings laughter to all she meets. Whether she is missing the mark trying to jump onto chairs or benches, Claude’s comical nature is the portrait of perfection. 

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Meet Sangha, the most affectionate Bengal Cross Domestic Short Hair you will ever meet! Rescued by Lost & Found Pets Illawarra with his sister at just 8 weeks old, Sangha found his new family & has never looked back. With a name meaning spirited in Hindi, Sangha shares his positivity & generous spirit with everyone who comes through his door. A cuddler at heart, when not greeting a new friend he’ll be lying across his mum’s shoulders like a furry scarf. 

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Gandalf the Grey

Meet Gandalf the Grey, the Ragdoll Cross with a smouldering gaze! Rescued by Tiki Animal Rescue at only eight weeks old, G&alf conjured his way into the hearts of his new family helping them to heal after a heartbreaking loss. Mesmerised by the magic of elastic b&s, G&alf will paw at them for hours & can be heard squeaking with satisfaction. This elastic wizardry comes second only to his bromance with his failed foster kitty-bro Binx.  

Featured: BuggyBix Senior Cat Food Packaging