About BuggyBix

BuggyBix is Australia’s leading insect-based pet ​food company. Offering a range of functional treats​ & pet food products, our patented formulations ​have been developed in collaboration with ​ a leading Australian University and nutritional experts. ​

Our Vision is simple… to reimagine how we nourish our pets.

Our Buggy journey started in 2018 with a conversation at a local cafe beside the dog park. My wife and I were discussing our pets, our growing population and the pressures on our food security. Realising the increasing importance of insects in our food future, we thought why not incorporate them as a protein source in pet food. This was the lightbulb moment, source locally grown insects and develop a pet food ourselves. So BuggyBix was born.

Whilst we may have humble beginnings, our purpose remains: to reduce the pressure on our food system by incorporating edible insects to develop high quality pet food products which are both great for pets & great for the planet.

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